A family friendly music festival, held over the August bank holiday in the Somerset Where: ​Orchard Farm Lower Notlake Drove , Cheedar, Somerset

Music and Arts Festival

Returning in 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, Its been few months since last years festival and we are finally starting to see some headway down at the field.

So what now? Both Marc and myself have decided that now would be the perfect moment to take a break for 12 month's whilst we attend to elements in our lives which have seen some neglect due to our determination to bring you a bigger and better production each year.

The land could certainly do with a break to recover and much needed alterations and repairs are needed to provide a better experience in the years to come.

Some key members of our organisation face difficult challenges in the forthcoming months and our attention needs to focus on helping them through these difficulties. SIAF is not just a festival. We are a community of people who believe that the people within it are more important than the production we create. 12 months will give us the opportunity of reflection, planning and focus on direction. There are some who would say that taking a break now whilst we have such strong momentum is a risky business but we feel in our heart of hearts that to create a truly unique and special festival it is important to build strong ethical foundations and revisit them to maintain a purposeful and unwavering direction. Far too often organisers fall into the trap of following the herd until there is very little to differentiate one event from another. That is not what we are about. We have some incredible ideas that we would love to bring to SIAF which we believe would give those attending a truly inspiring experience but these take time to iron out and bring to the forefront of creation. In 2017 SIAF will once again open the gates to our little piece of utopia but it will look very different indeed!

For now though both Marc, myself and the family would like to thank you all once again for your support and wish you the very best throughout the remainder of this year and the whole of 2016. We hope that you enjoy many adventures along the way until we next meet in the summer of 2017 and hopefully the friendships that you have made through SIAF will flourish and bring you more fun to be had on your travels. We will endeavour to keep you updated with any developments as we continue on our planning process through this and the other pages throughout the next year but for now, stay safe, look after each other and remember that life is not a dry run.

With love

Mike, Marc and the SIAF Family.


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